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May 7, 2020

Sanjan Marks-Thelen is well versed on the various routes to Spirit. He is a yogi, meditation and spiritual teacher/guide, who uses the rich tapestry of his own journey to help others deepen their own path and understanding of what it is to live a spiritual life and build a lifelong practice of meditation. His spiritual journey is filled with deep longing to find and experience the highest truth and the most direct path to Self discovery. His quest for Self realization began in his home country of England, where he explored various spiritual modalities as he entered adulthood, including Reiki and meditation as well as other techniques ascribed by various teachers he encountered along the way.

Eventually, Sanjan moved to America, where he took a brief break from spiritual exploration to heal from the challenging experiences that arose from living in his first small spiritual community, which was just being created by a handful of people. He soon realized he couldn't live without a spiritual foundation and focus to give his life depth, and his spiritual quest continued on again in earnest.

He realized through rereading Autobiography of a Yogi a deep connection with Paramhansa Yogananda, and soon became a yogi disciple. He moved across the country to live in spiritual community for seven years among 200+ other yogis, spending two years as a monk.

Following that period of service as a monk, he got married and eventually moved outside of the spiritual community, while still feeling it as his spiritual home. A very difficult period followed, both personally and spiritually - a dark night of the soul. His meditation and general energy entered low points, which took determination, will power, and the application of the teachings from his guru to overcome.

Part of the opportunity which has come through his journey - from the brilliance as well as the darkness - is embracing it all as grace. The totality of it encompasses his path, and every step and seeming misstep has been for his benefit - each period of intense challenge has brought him closer to Spirit along with a deeper understanding of the path. He continues to help others along the way.

Look for his website to come soon: