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May 16, 2019

Our bodies are absolutely fantastic at clearing out toxins. All the time it eliminates both harmful substances and metabolic toxins formed in the body. However with today's lifestyles, our bodies carry stress factors such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unsolved emotions and psychological on a daily basis.


In order to cope with this our bodies produce and release extra hormones, enzymes, energy and produces toxins as by-products which over time get stored in the body's tissues and brain.


Thus Ayurveda(the sister science of yoga) promotes cleansing or detox once in a while to empty these layers of toxins. By simplifying the food intake and the traffic of the stress factors, a cleanse gives the body an opportunity to recover and repair itself from the inside out. Our body is indeed a master of self-healing if it is given the opportunity to do so.


Thus we embark on the journey of a 9-day cleanse and share our experience with you all. Without saying too much it was quite a ride but the end destination was absolutely worth it all.