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Jun 18, 2020

Michael Massey joins from Sedona to explore the topics of healing, identifying with our story, and co-creating. Michael rounds out a recent trifecta of Michaels to appear on the podcast. It's fun to acknowledge synchronicities and patterns we are sent in life - perhaps we are seeing a little wink here from Archangel Michael.

In this episode we discuss:

- Choosing to hold onto that which plagues us. Creating an identity around our wounds. Michael tells a story of how he offered to heal someone of the physical pain they were experiencing, and the pain was such a part of their story that they declined to be healed from it.
- Empowerment and responsibility going hand-in-hand when it comes to releasing our stories.
- Important for a healer to honor the free will of their clients - both for the evolution of the client and the efficacy of treatment.
- Tracing the client’s pain through the body. Running a “trace route” energetically from the point of pain to other subtle causes within the body.
- To truly eradicate an issue, Michael takes the issue into his own body and transmutes it within himself. This approach is only appropriate when the healer knows what to do with it once they have taken it on, otherwise it quickly causes problems for the healer as these issues are taken on and built up.
- Working pressure points in the head to remap the neural network so the issue is not recreated.
- Importance of being worked on by other master healers for exposure to different techniques and to feel for oneself what it is like to be on the other side.
- Healers need to practice the self-care of receiving healing regularly, at least monthly.
- Difference between making vs creating. Manifestation is working our own energetic equation to bring forth out of the field of life that which we desire.
- Since the industrial revolution it has been conventional wisdom that to attain your desires you must work hard. The nature of the creative flow of the universe is effortlessness. It takes a lot of work to get to the place where manifestation is easy. It is necessary to reprogram ourselves within the paradigm.
- Creation is effortless and fun. Destiny is to be creators or co-creators. Creation is the joyful expression of life.
- We are all creators. Within this acknowledgement comes self-responsibility and mastery. There is great empowerment in claiming creatorship of life and getting out of victim mentality.
- We cannot be dependent on others for our happiness.
- Everyone operating within their own sphere/world. If creatorship is not effortless or fun, you are operating outside of your world. Michael gives practical advice on how to get back into your world when you find you’ve gone astray.
- Life is change. Honor change to keep energy flowing. Recognize that even things that are so good for us are steps along a path.
- We are here in this Earthy experience to co-create together. We are all weaving our threads together into a grand tapestry of life. Michael explains the difference between creating here on Earth and from the home of the soul.