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Mar 28, 2020

Michael Massey joins us for another open discussion on the impact of the coronavirus. This time we dig deeper into the topic of fear, and how the huge impact on every individual's daily life - and livelihood - is surfacing deeply rooted fears.
- Three necessary steps to work through fear: 1) see it, 2) release attachment, 3) accept what is.
- External fears point to a deeper fear, typically to do with pain/death, loss/separation, or uncertainty/unknown.
- The more able we are to surface the deep fears, the better able we are to respond in ways that aren't driven by panic or anxiety.
- Embracing growth and beauty through tragedy versus honoring suffering.
- Social nature of humans, wanting company wherever we are dwelling - even when in despair. Helping someone in despair doesn't mean joining them in despair.
- Additional suffering to do with feeling stuck.
- Opportunity to allow uncertainty move us beyond fear of the unknown, and how this relates to the illusion of control.