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May 21, 2020

Michael Massey returns to discuss reality constructs. Realities are sometimes in a convergent path (going to the same place) and other times in a divergent path (forking to different directions). In this episode we focus on divergent paths to determine how to know what direction to take when we face a choice point.

  • Collective and individual realities.
  • Life is a game of "reality wars," with everyone offering their own views of reality to try to get others to subscribe.
  • People choose one reality over another, then adjust their views to fit.
  • Present moment awareness allows us to find what doesn't change regardless of external or collective reality.
  • Empowerment via detachment to outcomes.
  • Choices vs decisions. Choices happen at the soul level and decisions are used to get to the choices.
  • Are there markers for determining if we are on track.
  • Choice gets repurposed if we go far from soul purpose.
  • Future potentialities and energetic impact.