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Jun 13, 2019

Even though the aim of this podcast is to raise awareness of mediation and its healing abilities based on scientific facts we can't really avoid the topic of spirituality.

According to the yogic traditions we recognize our being as a body, mind and soul and so to live happily in balance we thus have to care for all three aspects of ourselves. 
Also in the light of the yogic tradition Spirituality is all about experiencing and exploring for ourselves, rather than follow a certain person or dogma blindly. It empowers the individual to go within and from there we explore and experience for ourselves what the word soul or spirituality means to us.

So you don't have to be spiritual to benefit from meditation, yet don't let words or other peoples opinions about spirituality limit your own exploring on the journey inward. For the curious person yoga do offers tools to go within and feel for ourselves what that word soul or spirit truly means to us.

Sceptic, atheist, yogi or religiously connected tune in and hear as we share a mix of yogic teachings and our own experience of going within to learn more about ourselves.