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Jun 11, 2020

Michael Thiele is revolutionizing conventional beekeeping to align it more naturally to its wild environment. I was so pleased to connect with him on this topic, as I keep a couple of beehives myself. Although we do talk about bees, they really act as a vehicle for discussing the divine and the greater mysteries in nature. Michael is an artist with his words, and he paints for us an amazingly beautiful picture of the apian being as a masterful teaching entity and a pathway to soul awakening. You will love and connect to this episode whether your interest in the honeybee is slight or great! In this episode, we discuss:

- The initial call of the honeybees, during a three month meditation retreat in a very remote area of California, which came in the form of recurring dreams of bees in which he felt they were calling to him - calling him home. How the dreams manifested in waking life in a seamless continuous integration from one dream world into the other.
- Bees as a mirror to the sacredness of life.
- Monastic codes reflected in the apian being: altruism, service, and love/compassion.
- Polarity of individual bees and the oneness of the hive, and the merging of these opposites within the hive. The invisible oneness within the hive creates an apian being, a whole entity which is comprised of the individual parts. Although the individual bees are insects, the apian being is a mammal, “the mammal in a thousand bodies.”
- Surrendering to the apian field gives the opportunity to awaken to new ways to communicate and perceive beyond the senses.
- The power and strength of the heart coming from honeybees.
- Ritualized interaction between honeybees and our ancestors.
- Purpose of the sting and venom is to awaken us.
- The dance between humans and bees while interacting without protective gear.
- Life is a string of surprises, we are a participant of the sacred unfolding of life.
- Soul blindness - the technical aspects of conventional beekeeping interferes with the ability to connect soul-to-soul with the apian being.
- Rewilding bees, moving away from the conventional approach of beekeeping. Conventional beekeeping practices are actually detrimental to bee health, including nest volume being too large, hives in close proximity to each other, sugar feeding, requeening, splitting the hive, thin-walled boxes.