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Mar 20, 2021

** More mysterious audio interference in an episode discussing aliens!**

It was a genuine joy and honor to talk to Mary Rodwell, author of Awakening and The New Human. She is the founder of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), and she has counseled, researched, and written about countless cases of extraterrestrial encounters. It was fascinating to discuss the phenomenon of galactic encounters with Mary, but the conversation goes well beyond that. Mary is also a metaphysical teacher, and she brings much insight about each of us being a multidimensional being and how this ties into our spiritual mission, journey, and lessons. And, at the very end, there is very interesting audio interference which is truly reminiscent of what was experienced in episode 95 (and, incidentally, has never been experienced apart from these two episodes, both of which are the only episodes in which I have explored aliens).

In this episode, we explore:

- Is there a difference between the various descriptors of indigo children, crystal children, star children, etc, and how do our 3D labels of aspergers, ADHD, autism relate to those children?
- Many who have encounters just know it as a reality that doesn’t need to be proven. It is challenging being in this 3D mindset where “proof” is required for gaining acceptance.
- How soul growth and missions play in with the challenges faced regarding acceptance of contact experiences.
- The truth embargo which includes but goes far beyond UFOs. So much of the information we are given is inaccurate - about our DNA, hidden archeology, anthropology, biology.
- The necessity of humanity realizing we are spirit inhabiting a human container, not just a body having a finite experience.
- Encoded works - art, music, written script, spoken light language.
- How ET encounters support awakening and humanity’s evolution.
- What does the huge shift in lifestyle we’ve experienced through COVID mean for humanity and our planet’s awakening?

Mary's website: