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Apr 17, 2021

It happened! If you enjoyed episode 93 with David Lion as much as so many listeners did, you'll know that I really felt compelled to let that magic happen again and this time bring in Michael Massey. The first meeting with David was so full of openness, magic, and synchronicity that I was just floored over and over throughout our time together! And so much of what he shared were either things which I have only ever heard Michael also say or were stories which were very similar to experiences Michael has shared. So this return episode with David was highly anticipated, and he and Michael both delivered to create a conversation rich in wisdom, spirit, insight, wonder, and fun!

- Congratulations are in order on the sacred union between David and Aveyah. He talks about their winding paths as they both sought their soul partners which culminated in their recent marriage.
- Link to the last episode with David, #93
- The Arcturian connection between David and Michael.
- David describes a recent change from channeling entities to only channeling love.
- Video games creating pure excitement and catalyzing into inspirational, creative ideas. The beneficial neural pathways that can be developed via video game usage which won’t become apparent immediately.
- Michael and David share God experiences they have had with accessing consciousness in the form of a ball which enhanced their abilities.
- David shares practical tips on how to get more in touch with your divine child, your inner mystic.

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