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May 1, 2021

Michael Massey joins for what was truly a surreal experience for me. We talked about this episode a few days after we recorded it, deciding if I should edit out the surreal few moments I experienced as we were recording or whether this episode should even be released at all. In the end I have decided that it's a really important topic right now, and the little consciousness shift that I experience is pertinent in that one of the pillars of this podcast is exploring consciousness.

So what happens in this episode that makes it unusual? That's a great question, because even though I am the one who experienced the phenomenon (for lack of a better word) I am not really sure what happened. At around the 17 minute mark, something happened with my vision. It felt like my perception lifted, almost like two giant invisible hands came and squeezed my peripheral vision and lifted it up, and all the colors became amplified. It just lasted a few seconds, and I didn't really know what happened. I interrupted Michael to ask him if he was experiencing anything, and I tried to explain what I perceived.

Hopefully that somewhat helps to expand upon what was going on as we recorded! Just to clarify (without any judgment), we were completely sober. The few moments I am trying to explain were rather trippy, but it was completely organic. I also experienced it a second time as we recorded - when Michael responds after I tell my beekeeping story - but I didn't call it out as we recorded that time.

We hit upon some relevant metaphysical insights. I know a lot of people are feeling particularly unsettled right now and they aren't sure why. That is another reason I am releasing this episode and not scrapping it despite the oddities.

Topics explored in this episode include:

- Significant timeline shifts in last six weeks.
- Portals around holidays which bring new energy and potential outcomes and timelines. How do things shift from seeming impossible to likely?
- I acknowledge a surreal experience I had in the moment, while we were recording.
- Cherie Mason episodes are numbers 65 and 89.
- Being in synch with universal energy, and how things naturally flow with ease.