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May 5, 2021

Cathy Boone-Black is a hypnotist, doula, reflexologist, and a practitioner of many other modalities. It was a joy to connect with her in this episode, as we explore consciousness and the ample opportunities that exist to use it to heal. I was particularly fascinated in Cathy's work in preparing clients for surgery using hypnosis, and the fascinating benefits which are gained.

Some topics we cover include:

- Cathy shares her journey with panic, anxiety, and agoraphobia and her own experience using hypnosis for surgery.
- What are the benefits to using hypnosis in preparation for surgery?
- What is the effect of stress on the immune system?
- What is the importance of shifting out of stress and anxiety in working on the emotional roots that cause so many of our destructive behaviors, such as eating disorders, smoking, and addiction?
- Is hypnotism a magic bullet? How much work is required on your side when healing via hypnosis?
- How does the way we handle difficulties relate to our family lineage?
- How hypnotism assists Cathy in assisting childbirth as a doula.
- There is no pain until it hits the brain. It is first a sensation.