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11/11 November StarGate ✨ Sananda Shekinah

Nov 15, 2020

Herein contains the content of the newsletter to which Sananda and Shekinah refer in the episode TwinRay - Sananda and Shekinah.

We arrive here once more, another year that brings forth the frequency of November the 11th, also known as the 11:11 Stargate. However, this years energy signature is such a revolution in its own right, that the entire planetary alignments are supporting this double gateway and preparation for December’s Cosmic Event. At the end of the email we shall elucidate on the Grand Event.

Today marks the opening portal of the masterful energies of 11:11 double pillars of light. Twin frequencies that are upheld by the Dharma of Creation.

This energetic signature brings about a great communication from the Cosmic Forces that have a very precise message of alignment, that must follow the compass to True North.

On the path to True North, we see that this month’s events, in preparation for the December Gateways, signify the awakened calling of full awareness, Universal Truth and Higher manifestation for the New Earth Principle.

Golden Age Astrology Overview for Nov/Dec

Welcome to the momentary rise of Sagittarius, where within this 4 week cycle, the Divine Sage shall help bring mastery over the lower self, create a rise of intuition and may even formulate visionary states within the reality construct.

In Golden Age Astrology Sagittarius represents the opportunity to have the highest mastery of the physical self, and is represented by it’s higher self archetype that we have named The Divine Sage.

There is an opportunity presented this month to begin to master the material plane and revisit the lessons that were required at the soul level in order to attain a greater purity and resound the harmony of the highest Truth.

The planets are initiating a great realignment that shall be revealing and unmasking all that has been covered and veiled, thus far.

This year marks the conception cycle of the Pluto return for the United States of America, an astrological event which has never happened before since the signing of the declaration of independence. A Pluto return happens approximately every 247 years. The collective calling and the calling on High is for Truth and Jupiter, the dispositor of the Sagittarius is poised to bring in the great and powerful expansion into the realm of higher wisdom and Truth.

What does higher wisdom reveal? It may reveal a deeper sense of connection with Spirit, it may instill a greater sense of stability, it may even stir up what is lurking beneath the waters of collective unconscious. Whatever it may reveal for one personally, it always reveals the intricacy that shall lead to simplicity.

Is the collective intelligence ready to receive what comes next? And are the beloveds ready to do the deep inner work necessary for the experience of a greater refinement of awareness to take place? It is this manner of refinement that is imperative to usher in the MASSIVE waves that arrive during the beginning days of December and finally create a harmonic convergence that allows humanity to receive the energy stream on certain days that lead up to the December Solstice.

With Jupiter and Pluto working together, there is a certain expansion of Truth and equal destruction of falsity, as Pluto is on course to destroy all that threatens the evolution of every soul on the planet.

Jupiter/Pluto conjunction

This 11/11 Stargate is propelling a strong Plutonian vibration with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction crystallising on 11/12. This is the third and final meeting for Jupiter and Pluto this year, only this time there is a 5D planetary astroid Pallas Athena with them in an exact 3-way new cycle. This is a very rare occurrence, Pallas represents, a quiet, intuitive knowing that comes from allowing things to unfold and seeing the connections or patterns of the bigger picture. The wise and correct use of power and energy is being made available to humanity for its spiritual and psychological acceleration.

In many ways, Pluto, acts as the gatekeeper to the higher densities, and is the dispositor of Scorpio. Pluto destroys what isn’t willfully surrendered. Whenever Pluto is involved, the effects are felt globally. When Pluto is happening, nothing else matters. Pluto is the great Resurrector, delivering us to the moment of transition where we change from one state to another. When one chooses to embrace and celebrate this transformation, one shall gain a greater empowerment and wisdom.

Opening the Wormhole

As further cosmic preparations are underway to make space for the 11/15 wormhole, the New Moon at 23 degrees in Scorpio, opens the wormhole portal and prepares for the eclipse season to come. This Scorpio New Moon is notable because as it opens yet another wormhole of accelerative sideways momentum, this time period has the potential to unfold in surprising ways.

Pluto has dominion over this New Moon, and with Pluto involved, it may be said that the energy of Pluto has dominion over all activities with all the planets themselves. During this time, the Sun and Moon make a resourceful connection with Pluto, with Jupiter and with Pallas Athena, resulting in a phenomenal revolution of spirit. The month ends with the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse, and here is where the Diamond of self is polished even further to reveal all facets of the whole.

With such profound alchemy taking place in November/December with Scorpio/Pluto taking the spotlight, the revelation of greater and deeper insight, keen awareness and Truth is the decree. Scorpio demands honesty and clarity of vision, revealing both Light and shadow through what is manifested. Are you really ready to see your creations?

Help is on the Way: December 

This December will mark the largest cosmic wave of energy (to date) that has entered the Earths grids since the last 12,000 years. What this wave of cosmic plasma energy will do is crystallise the new template for the Golden Age that started its inception in December 2017.

As we approach the final moments for 2020, the energies of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto become even more catalyzing, reaching a crescendo with the Jupiter/Pluto new cycle and the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn on the December Solstice.

Light workers Unite! 

Beloved, We shall be hosting a free global gathering, meditation transmission for December to support this monumental plasma wave and assist you in this time. If you would like to find out extensively about this life altering energy current coming soon, and how to properly absorb and utilize the gifts that are being offered from the Universal Forces, click below and register to participate.

Sending infinite streams of love and grace to your precious heart. Blessed be.

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