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May 21, 2021

It was a great joy to connect with musician Aveyah! Her music beautifully blends soul, R&B, reggae, and is an expression of her awakened spirit. Aveyah shares with us her journey to discover herself - her own power - and the deep call she feels to assist others in connecting to their internal guidance and empowerment. In this episode we discuss:

- Her new marriage to David Lion, and how her soul-level experience leading up to their union required them to reach new versions of themselves in order to be able to come together.
- The morning practice she has cultivated to allow her to fully step into what is presenting for her and get her into deep alignment with her Self.
- How music lead her to a much more liberated lifestyle in terms of her growth and spiritual work.
- How her spiritual awakening unfolded and her heart opened back up.
- The power of sound and how it can be a useful tool in our evolution.
- How things have unfolded for her this year and the opportunities for deepening her connection with spirit through being steeped in nature in Costa Rica.

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