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Jun 14, 2021

Ena Vie and Howard Lipp are sacred musicians who have been on the path of healing, recovery and awakening for over 25 years. It was such a joy to connect with them in this episode to discuss their healing journeys and how their paths wound their ways to each other's hearts. We also dive into how sound is a powerful healing tool, as well as the powerful experiences of coming into wholeness which have been facilitated through plant medicine.

- Ena and Howard share their origin stories and awakenings.
Sound’s capabilities to heal.
- How they use their knowledge of frequency and sound to craft their music.
- The intention behind their new album, Sono Ceremonia, to be healing, elevating, and transforming, and how that altered the usual creation process for them.
- How sound and plants have worked together to assist them in their awakening.
- The importance of questioning what we think and what we’ve always been told.
- The gift of experiencing oneself beyond the physical which often accompanies plant journeys.

Intro and outro music on this episode is featured music from their new album, Sono Ceremonia.

Intro: Corazon
Outgoing: Djembe Ceremony