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Jun 20, 2021

Michael Massey and I cover a wide range of topics in this supercharged episode (thank you, pyramid!), from the planetary grids and how they are impacted by the solstice to pyramid technology to ancient technology to aliens to planetary gridwork.

- Michael talks about the Arc I pyramid that is being used for an upcoming online course. He describes the “simple” (?) science behind it and its benefits.
- Sananda and Shekinah, TwinRay, episode here.
- Planetary gridwork related to the solstice and a suggestion for your intent during this solstice passage.
- Michael’s first podcast appearance here.
- The Arc VI octahedron pyramid - Michael describes experiences of those who have entered it and explains a bit about the physics behind it.
- Telepathy experienced during the construction of the pyramid, and how this relates to the creation of ancient sites.
- Advanced civilizations from ancient times on our planet.