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Jun 25, 2021

I loved connecting with guests Sally Knopp and Lorenda Carr to discuss a truly special modality they have crafted, Multidimensional Hypnosis by Proxy. Sally is a multi-dimensional healer who is certified in the methods of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Dr. Bradley Nelson's Discover Healing Technique, and she was featured on episode 77. Lorenda is a clairvoyant medium and founder of Spiritual Insight Guidance Network. Sally and Lorenda have come together to offer Multidimensional Hypnosis by Proxy, where Sally guides Lorenda into a hypnotic state on behalf of the client, enabling Lorenda to connect directly to the client's Higher Self. In this episode we explore:

- What Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy is - how the idea was conceived and the link to Edgar Cayce’s work.
- Lorenda explains what the process of connecting to the client’s Higher Self is like for her and how the insights are delivered to her. It is quite reminiscent of the process explained by Alma Rumball in her spiritually-delivered artwork, as discussed in episode 96 with Wendy Oke.
- The importance of listening to things multiple times, such as the recording of a multidimensional session or a particular podcast episode, which help us understand things much more fully.
- The different states of consciousness - subconscious, conscious, Higher Self, and the importance of imagination.
- Kara shares her experience with Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy.

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