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Jul 7, 2021

In this episode I am joined again by Lorenda Carr and Sally Knopp, as well as two of their recent clients, Emily and Shelly. Lorenda and Sally were guests on episode 117, where we discussed their unique modality of Multidimensional Hypnosis by Proxy. In this episode, we talk about the experiences of Emily and Shelly to dive deeper into the opportunities for healing and Self-discovery which can be brought out of the subconscious through this offering. They generously share profound examples of the insights and healings they have received as a result of this work.

- Emily shares her experience of the discovery of an unexpected male saboteur energy from decades ago that was still attached to her.
- Lessons from a past life related to alcoholism and how that has impacted her liver and psyche.
- Shelly talks about how her MDH by Proxy session immediately brought validation as the first thing that came through was about a girl riding a horse which she has seen in dreams and has been the subject of discussions on multidimensionality for a while for her.
- Insights on her throat chakra brought through separately by both Sally and Lorenda (and on an earlier occasion by Kara as well).
- Multi generational healing and liberation through the MDH by Proxy session.
- The universe speaking to us in patterns.
- How generational patterns can be embedded in our DNA.