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Jul 15, 2021

How might you be resisting your own power without realizing it?

Why is it important to step into your power?

How can the breath heal us?

How do males and females resist and misuse power differently and to their detriment?

Christian De La Huerta joins in this beautiful episode to illuminate these important topics and more. Allow his insights and wisdom to propel you into deeper exploration within yourself to enable you to embody more and more of who You truly are.

Specifically, in this episode we explore:

- What were the keys to transformation for Christian, taking him from a painfully shy teenager to an international speaker?
- Link to Christian’s Ted Talk on breath work.
- The breath as a powerful healing tool - emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.
- What happens to our beings when we suppress our emotions?
- Triggers from the external are reflections of our inner state, and how we can use those triggers to assist us in our development.
- What are the subtle ways that we hand over our power, and why would we ever reject our power?
- How do impediments to embodying our power affect women and men differently?


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