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Jul 26, 2021

Can tuning into the intelligence of the heart help you become a more effective leader, even in professional terms?

Hema Vyas is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine and the science of Ayurveda and for almost thirty years she has been practicing as a psychologist and life leadership mentor. She works with individuals, corporates, start-ups and diverse global audiences to bring about an alignment in heart, mind and body intelligence for optimal creativity, critical-thinking and cohesion. In this episode, we explore many topics related to the heart, the future, and how things are changing in the corporate world in terms of the roles we have as employees and consumers. This is a fascinating discussion, and Hema shares so much wisdom with an open heart.

- What is real leadership, beyond the communication?
- How does the heart work at the quantum level, and what research is research showing about the importance and magnetism of the heart?
- How does gratitude work energetically to attract more positive experiences to us?
- The importance of tools such as meditation to further our connection to the heart, others, and the world around us.
- How to deal with toxic work culture.
- What is Omnipreneurship?
- How are things trending within businesses as far as expanding their bottom line beyond profit into social, environmental, and human impact?
- Remember the power you have as a consumer, and be mindful about your purchases and investments!

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