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Aug 2, 2021

Shekinah and Sananda Kryst are the founders of TwinRay, focusing on the path of ascension. It was a joy to speak with them again in this episode (refer to episode 79 for their first appearance on the podcast). In this episode, they share wisdom on a diverse array of topics, including:
- The purpose of miracles in shifting perspective. Discussion of a miracle witnessed on the summer solstice retreat with  Sananda and Shekinah, which seeded the nucleus of the Divine Trinity for the Golden Age.
- The energy fields of a person, and how they develop and cultivate as we develop.
- The importance of unconditional love, and the spiritual treasures which this pure, immaculate love bring.
- The shift into the Golden Age, the evolution of the cosmic energy broadcasting into the galaxy and Earth, and how this affects sentient life at the genetic and micro-level - RNA, DNA, mitochondria, telomeres, etc. The importance of cultivating the light body to allow these cosmic changes to be a gift assisting your ascension.
- What are they witnessing within the planetary grids of the Earth, and what are they seeing in regards to changes affecting consciousness within the coming years?
- Divine, etheric, monadic support which is available to you to assist in your life and spiritual journey.
- Abundance, prosperity, and renunciation on the spiritual path.