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Aug 8, 2021

Tips for connecting with the right gemstones and crystals for you. Beautiful stories of finding amazing gemstones on hikes (with the help of cat friends!). Nurturing the art of spiritual craftsmanship across the world. All of this and more is explored on this episode with Pam Urbas and Andy Duchovnay.

Pam and Andy are spiritual partners, artisan healers, and owners of The Indigo Sanctuary. They are passionate about supporting and empowering others through their individual spiritual journeys. Along their journey, Pam and Andy have accumulated a diverse array of practice modalities and certifications, all focused on healing mind, body, and planet. They possess certifications in reiki, yoga, sound healing, and environmentalism.

- Learn more surprising facts about sugar and sugar addiction in episode 105 with Michael Collins:
- They talk about their fortuitous trip to Nepal, and how this was a catalyst into their work with native artisans.
- What is the purpose of a home sanctuary in cultivating a personal daily spiritual practice?
- Pam and Andy talk about rockhounding, including fascinating insights about how they are drawn to “rocks” out in nature that turn out to be gemstones once they clean them up at home.
- How ginger cats help guide them to beautiful gemstones.
- Advice for selecting crystals and gemstones.
- How to use stones in :

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