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Sep 6, 2021

Michele Lynch is the host of the podcast Twin Flame Transformation. While her passion is the Twin Flame phenomenon - which was the vehicle for her own spiritual awakening - she utilizes a number of approaches in helping her clients in their healing, including embodiment through moving, alchemising dreams and nightmares, inner-child work, and transmuting ancestral patterns.

Michele brings deep wisdom and a breath of knowledge to this episode, and we cover a lot of ground about healing and spiritual development. Specifically in this episode we discuss:

- Her life transition from being a Broadway dancer and choreographer to spiritual work and psychology, and how the body can express knowledge that our words sometimes can’t.
- We explore the various meditative benefits to be found in both sitting meditation and by using movement.
- What is a twin flame, and what does it mean to have one (or not!)?
- Michele explains Sacred Energy Expression technique, and how she uses dreams and movement to tap into the unconscious to get aligned to Source.
- Alchemising nightmares.

*Podcast: Twin Flame Transformation
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*Instagram: @puttingdreamsonyourfeet