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Sep 20, 2021

Kiran Trace has an amazing story of spontaneous awakening which goes beyond a spiritual awakening, into Original Nature. She wasn't even on a spiritual path, and one day as she was putting on her shoes reality dissolved all around her and she found herself in a space beyond... everything! She shares the wonder and perils of this experience, and we get into some really beautiful discussion about higher truths and wisdom. In this episode we discuss:

- Variations of “awakenings” - personal, spiritual, original nature.
Kiran shares her exceptional experience of spontaneously awakening into Original Nature, which she writes about in Tools for Sanity.
- We are built for absolute fulfillment, but by and large we are not utilizing our organic capacity for it.
- Why is conditioning to be kind to each other the worst advice around?
- The key of finding what is most “delicious,” where there is the most life within you, and how to use this to guid your life.
Kiran describes how she sees the physical as light, code, and form.
- What defines whether you are lovable?
- What does it mean to be free, and what does it mean in the context of interdependency?
Tools For Sanity
9-day "Delicious Yes" Challenge
Embodiment class