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Oct 24, 2021

What options are there to alter our minds beyond the use of substances like drugs and alcohol?

How are we continuously being conditioned by society and corporations to limit our potential?

Will happiness come by continuing to add new things to our lives, or is the secret to remove what is not supporting our evolution?

Dennis Berry discusses these lines of inquiry on this episode, plus so much more! Dennis turned his life around in 2003, embracing sobriety after years of hard partying. He is now a best-selling author and life coach who helps others to find the inner peace he was able to find within himself. He also hosts The Funky Brain podcast, which is focused on addiction recovery and life mastery.

- Shares his background on how he went from a life as a chef-skier-party guy to sobriety and personal and business success.
- The answers come in the stillness and silence, and the conditioning that says we need to keep adding things to improve our lives. The true improvement can come from removing things and simplifying.
- How do the benefits of a meditation practice stack up to the benefits of vacation?
- How are corporations carefully designing their products (processed food, social media, etc) so dopamine is released in our brains, giving us quick reward hits which bring us into a cycle of desire/dependency of their products?
- What benefits does sobriety offer even for those who don’t necessarily have a drinking “problem”?
- Dennis explains the “HOW approach”: being Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness.
- The importance of awareness and bringing yourself back to center throughout the day.

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