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Oct 1, 2021

Michael Massey graces the podcast again, this time to discuss the common pitfalls which can appear when following a spiritual leader or organization - things which actually inhibit growth. This is a precarious situation which is all-too-common. It can be difficult to consider that something as vulnerable and sacred as our spirituality could be misused by someone to which we have instilled such trust. It is so important to be diligent in continuing to keep yourself in check, use your discernment, and be willing to walk away if you realize your progress is being hindered, or even if you have just found yourself in a spiritual rut (you have probably outgrown that organization). Be brave and true to yourself, knowing how important your personal power and your own journey and reality are.

Here are some specific topics you will find in this episode:

- What are some watch outs and warning signs to indicate you may be on a spiritual path that is not actually for your highest good?
- Episode 128 where we talk about the importance of your personal power in your spiritual development.
- The difference between personal and universal power in the act of pure creation.
- What is one of the best things we can do to propel ourselves into embodying our true greatness?
- What are joy inhibitors, and how can we use them as assessments of our personal relationships?
- Everything - including adversity! - can be our teacher if we allow it.