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Oct 31, 2021

How can we start to understand that healing lies within us?

How can you come into your purpose?

What role does love play in illness and injury?

Gül Sonmez joins from Luxembourg to discuss these topics and more! Gül helps people around the world with their healing using her unique gifts which allow her to hear the root cause of the issue. In this episode she talks about how her mainstream life in Turkey evolved into a much more multidimensional one as she discovered and grew into her unique healing gifts.

- How a mysterious hand injury opened her up to her natural healing gifts.
- How do we overcomplicate our healing journeys?
- How may deeper healing be facilitated through distance sessions rather than being in the same room?
- Gül explains what the healing sessions are like for her, from the multidimensional perspective.
- When we are triggered, it is actually about us, not the person triggering us.
- What are some ways to serve in these trying times?
- How can you find and come into your purpose?

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