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Dec 12, 2021

The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is a phenomenon which was discovered in a Mayan temple on Jan 1, 1924, by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. Scientists aren’t able to determine its origins or how it could possibly have been created from a single clear quartz. Those sensitive to energies can feel the powerful field which radiates from it and receive messages from it.

Bill Homann is the keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. Michael Massey and I were incredibly honored to be able to meet it in person a few weeks ago, and Michael joins in this episode to talk with Bill about the history of the Skull, the legends that surround it, how it has influenced popular culture (such as Indiana Jones and James Bond), and its importance in the ascension of humanity and the planet.

Book List for the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull by Carole Davis:

“The Skull Speaks”

“Beyond the Veil of Time”

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