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Dec 21, 2021

Reuben Langdon has an unquenchable thirst for answers to life's mysteries, and he's happy to take everyone along on his search! In addition to being an actor and film maker - appearing in such blockbusters as Charlie’s Angels, Spiderman 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as video games such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry - he is the creator of the series Interview with ED (extra dimensionals). Reuben shares about his own experience with ETs and UFOs and offers many nuggets of Truth which have presented in his research and experience. In particular, we get into:

- Self-empowerment versus fear-based messaging from alien contact.
- Reuben shares his experience with a UFO sighting.
- The importance of choice and allowing everyone to be sovereign beings, to discover within themselves the ultimate Truth.
- Empowerment in terms of decentralization and not following the masses.
- The slippery slope of spiritual teachings become cultish, and how something which could be so empowering can stealthily become a prison.
- How is the Universe presenting opportunities to refine ourselves?