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Jan 7, 2022

Justin Rice helped train collegiate football players for Rutgers and was a "Top Model to Watch Out For" in Essence Magazine. But his real passion is discovering how to get the very best out of this life, whether it be from optimizing the physical vessel, creating positive thought patterns for top mental health, or connecting with his inner realm (or Spirit). It was a joy to dive into a variety of topics with Justin, including:

  • The role that fitness and nutrition has played in his life from a young age, and how he realized in college there seemed to be an agenda in what was being taught about nutrition.
  • The importance of nutrient-density. 
  • Veganism, ethics, and athleticism.
  • The balance between holding to your beliefs and being too stringent and boxing yourself in. 
  • The accelerated evolution that seems to be happening with the younger generations. 
  • The role of the subconscious mind in formulating your reality.
  • Healing generational trauma.
  • How can we become more aware of our thought patterns?
  • The death of his mother and how it triggered a new view of life. 
  • Health and nutrition tips.