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Jan 17, 2022

It was pure joy to connect with Demetria of Abundance Angel. Demetria began her career as a CPA, then transitioned into recovering back wages for employees, and ultimately she tapped more and more into her skills of working with energy to help her clients clear out patterns and beliefs which are holding them back so they can align with more abundance. 

This episode is SO powerful, and Demetria opens gate after gate to help us see the Truth about the consciousness of money to help us realign our energy to open up to the flow of abundance. Simply through her words, she helps your conscious mind to connect with Higher Truths - and that is just what is available to the CONSCIOUS mind! Demetria is a great gift in this time, and what she brings forth - in this episode and beyond - is how she is able to benevolently work with consciousness in subtler ways than through conscious thought.

We discuss many topics in this episode:

  • If you are looking for freedom through money, you will never have enough.
  • Abundance and the consciousness of money.
  • Consciousness is non local.
  • The link between emotions and money.
  • Socratic inquiry.
  • Strengthening the flow of abundance through alignment.
  • DNA clearing.
  • Multidimentionality of DNA.

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