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Feb 8, 2022

Michael Massey joins again, bringing his unique shamanic perspective to the important topic of how we can idolize supernatural power to our detriment. We must use discernment to realize that not all who wield supernatural powers are using a benevolent force! This can be unexpected by Truth seekers and taken advantage of. In this episode we give some examples and provide some watch outs so you can shore up your powers of discernment.

  • John of God, spiritual powers, how supernatural experiences aren’t always benevolent. 
  • The importance of discernment.
  • Societal programming of idolizing celebrities, and how this transfers to spiritual leaders in early awakening.
  • How are you giving away your personal power in the quest of spiritual acceleration?
  • The interdependent relationship between power and responsibility.
  • You cannot join a group to be invited into unity! That premise is still based in separation!
  • Supernatural support in the multidimensional realms.
  • Predictions for 2022.