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Mar 8, 2022

Reuben Langdon, creator and host of Interview with Extra Dimensionals, pick up where we left off in episode 149. Reuben has been connecting with extra dimensional entities for many years through different channelers, and he shares much of the wisdom garnered from his continuous search for Truth. Some of the topics we hit on this episode include:

  • Various interactions he’s had personally with extra dimensionals, specifically with mantis beings.
  • This “training ground” of the density we humans are in, in comparison to the higher densities, and how time slowing things down here helps us to refine our creations.
  • The story of why the Zetas abduct humans, and what this has to do with soul contracts. 
  • Hybrid children
  • The importance of humans standing in our power, in terms of humanity advancing into a galactic presence.
  • What are some ways individuals can break free from the system and gain more sovereignty within their own lives?
  • Reuben’s latest works, from Interview with ED and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.