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Mar 24, 2022

It was such joy to talk with my friend Tricia Hagelskamp on this episode. Tricia has a unique healing modality that focuses on numbers and frequency. She can tune into what number needs to be added in or taken away from a person to come into healing. It is really fascinating, and she talks us through this and many other things such as:

  • What is an iridologist, and how can you use the state of your own eyes to keep track of your own health?
  • The help and awakening she received from Amish healer Solomon Wickey.
  • Lloyd Mear and how he can douse the frequency patterns - adding things in or removing them as needed.
  • How can you use numbers and frequencies for healing?
  • What role does sovereignty play in your awakening journey?
  • Dr. Helga Clark for parasite cleanse info.
  • Bees as teachers and how they have played a role in Tricia’s awakening journey.
  • Holistic beekeeping - crystals, probiotics, swarming prevention.