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May 27, 2022

What are multidimensional experiences like?

Are they becoming more frequent and intense, and will they continue to do so?

I was recently a guest on The Spirit Channel and had a wonderful discussion with the host, Zenith. In our communications before and after that interview, we quickly realized we’d had similar experiences with multidimensional realms. We thought it would be cool to do another recording, but this time to have it be a collaborative effort that we would both release. So in this episode, we are equal interview-er/-ee as we share a few of our experiences. 

  • Early astral experiences Zenith had as a child which were so confusing his parents tried to get medical help.
  • Zenith shares a recent experience of seeing portals and the angelic realm. The feeling of bliss which seems to ignite something deeper within. 
  • Kara shares a similar recent experience, moving through a vortex in the brain, into a golden realm of living light, and seeing that all dimensions are accessible all around us. 
  • How does light come into play with manifestation in higher realms?
  • Neutrality and acceptance through the dimensions.