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Jul 9, 2022

Is God talking to you?

If there is a God, why is the world such a mess?

What are the four fundamental questions of life?

It was my absolute honor to have this heart-to-heart exchange with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series. Like many people on this planet, Neale's work has been instrumental to my own spiritual development. He has the ability to cut right through religious dogma and help people to expand their concepts and notions of God and life beyond any limitations. Dive into this conversation and feel into the wisdom, love, and joy which reverberates through his words. 

Some additional topics we cover in this episode include:

  • Is it possible that there is something we don’t understand about God? About life? About ourselves? If we could understand it, would it change everything?
  • What could the highest definition of God be?
  • How is forgiveness an impediment to our spiritual growth?
  • Neale gives a powerful mantra to use daily.
  • What is Neale’s personal meditation practice, and what is the purpose of meditation?