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Jul 21, 2022

Can mainstream success not only be NOT everything it's cracked up to be, but leave us feeling worse than we can imagine?

James Beshara has achieved material success to a degree than many of us can only ever imagine, and he attests that it resulted in the most trying period of his life. James is the founder of Tilt, which was sold to AirBNB. He has been an investor in multi-billion dollar companies. He’s the creator of Magic Mind productivity drink. And he has accomplished all of this at only 36 years old.

In this episode he generously shares about how he feels he had been hypnotized into focusing on material success, at the expense of the spiritual growth which had been important to him since he was a small child. He has been deeply involved in Vedantic studies for the past several years, and has found it has given him back the fulfilment that he was erroneously seeking from outward success. 

  • Don’t take anything for granted, and question everything!
  • The lineage of ancient western philosophy (Greek origin) compared to ancient Eastern philosophy, which predates the former by 8,000 years!
  • What is the best use of our energy: to go deeply into where we are naturally drawn or to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone?
  • Why was the “failure” of his company a beautiful experience for James?
  • What is Vedanta?

Check out James’ podcasts, Yoga for Your Intellect and Below the Line.