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Aug 3, 2022

Could there be entire humanoid civilizations living inside Earth?

Lowell Johnson has seen one such city with his own eyes, and he has phenomenal messages to deliver from his encounter.

Lowell has a remarkable story about finding himself in the underground city of Telos, being invited in to a Counsel meeting of higher dimensional beings.

His is a story that sounds like legend, but Lowell is so incredibly grounded that the truth that resounds through his story is undeniable. 

Lowell's story will stretch your understanding of what is happening on this planet! Join us for his high frequency episodes, which will awaken deep knowings within you.

This is part two of two, where we dive into the story of Lowell's time in Telos. 

Some topics covered in these two episodes:

  • Lowell takes us through some of his own awakening, and the synchronicities which have guided him along the way.
  • Alchemising negative energy into light, as a lightworker.
  • His amazing journey into the higher dimensional, inner-Earth city of Telos.
  • How can fear hold you back from being able to have your own higher dimensional experience in the physical.
  • How were the pyramids constructed?

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