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Aug 6, 2022

Michael Massey returns for a discussion about this potent time we are in and what they mean about the evolution of humanity.

It is widely known in the spiritual community that we are encroaching upon a tipping point, where Earth and all life here will enter into a new experience. The time we are in right now as we approach the Lion's Gate (8/8) has been exceptionally potent. Michael and I share how this has shown up for us as well as more general information about why this is happening. Some things we discuss:

  • What is the Lion’s Gate? How does it relate to Earth’s cycle and the galactic plane?
  • This is an incredibly potent Lion’s Gate already. We share how this has shown up in our personal experience and in the energy grid of our region.
  • What does the uptick in energy mean in terms of how it affects us and our human experience? 
  • Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull episode, episode 147:
  • What is the key to experiencing this transit portal in the most powerful way?