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Aug 18, 2022

Does your gut impact your seratonin levels?

How much control do we have over our gene expression?

I love this conversation with Dr. Tanya Paynter SO MUCH. She offers a treasure trove of information about the complexities of health and the integration between body and spirit. She specializes in migraines, and in this episode I share how a very long migraine was a physical manifestation of my spiritual awakening. Find a link to her free mini-ebook below!

We dive into many topics on this episode:

  • How different processes within the body impact seemingly unrelated systems - for instance, the impact of gut health on serotonin levels. 
  • All of the different facets of health which contribute to your migraines, i.e. hormones, diet, genetics.
  • Epigentics, and the ability of turning on and off genes and how they function.
  • The gut biome, how it gets damaged, and the impact on our immune system.
  • How does spirituality play into your health?
  • How might the lab results (blood) for someone who suffers from migraines differ from the traditional normal ranges?

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