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Aug 23, 2022

How have ET encounters assisted humans in their healing?

How can you connect with benevolent ET beings to receive their messages?

How can you begin to see auras?

This is part 2 of a conversation with Barbara Lamb that was simply amazing. Barbara has been a pioneer in hypnotic regression with alien experiencers, with a career that spans decades in the field of UFOlogy. She is a crop circle researcher, past life regressionist, psychotherapist, author, and above all of these credentials she is just an amazing, warm soul with a big mission on this planet! 

We dive into many fascinating topics in this episode, including:

  • What are common ways that ET beings try to have as little disturbance as possible during visitations.
  • Barbara shares intel that has been shared through the thousands of regressions she has done, and leads us through an example flow of what the regressions are like. 
  • Barbara’s personal experience of having an ET encounter, related to crop circles in England.
  • What are some clues that tip people off that they may have had an unremembered ET encounter?
  • The phenomenon of missing time or suddenly driving in the opposite direction as where you were headed.
  • How can hypnotic regression help you to know why you are here on Earth in this life (you soul's purpose)?
  • Tips for seeing auras.

Barbara’s books: 

Meet the Hybrids:

ET Friends in Space:

Crop Circles Revealed:

Alien Experiences: