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May 7, 2020

Sanjan Marks-Thelen is well versed on the various routes to Spirit. He is a yogi, meditation and spiritual teacher/guide, who uses the rich tapestry of his own journey to help others deepen their path and understanding of what it is to live a spiritual life and build a lifelong practice of meditation. His spiritual journey is filled with deep longing to find and experience the highest truth and the most direct path to Self discovery. His quest for Self realization began in his home country of England, where he explored various spiritual modalities as he entered adulthood, including Reiki and meditation as well as other techniques ascribed by various teachers he encountered along the way.

He talks to us about his time as a monk, his decision to get married, and transitioning from living in spiritual community. He shares openly about his dark night of the soul and how he overcame spiritual low points.