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May 28, 2020

Fresh from spending many weeks in the wilderness of the Kalahari Desert, traditional South African shaman John Lockley dives deeply into the wisdom he has cultivated through spiritual practice involving nature, the elements, and his ancestors. In this episode we explore:

  • The mystical story of how he was guided to a tracker in Botswana, who was in intuitive communication with a leopard calling for John's presence. This culminated in the creation of the Kalahari retreat.
  • Using dreams to connect with your inner tracker and ancestors.
  • Viruses work through nature in the wilderness to balance populations of species when needed, and how this is now illustrated at the human level with coronavirus.
  • Contrast in cultures regarding coronavirus. John's work in South Africa often deals with death and suffering. For many in the US death is not in the forefront of life which has allowed for denial and detachment from the natural cycle of life.
  • What he learned as an Army medic in the Angolan War, as he observed black African special forces soldiers healing at more than three times the rate of their white counterparts when the treatment was identical.
  • Animal world is watching us with intelligence and communicates with us.

Visit to purchase his amazing book, The Leopard Warrior, experience his audio meditations, The Way of the Leopard, book a private online session, sign up for monthly webinars, or donate to his ubuntu fund.