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Aug 20, 2020

Michael Massey shares his wisdom about the deeper significance of what we have been dealing with this year, in terms of Covid, social unrest, and so on, as well as what may lie ahead.

- What significance for mankind has emerged through the turmoil of the year 2020?
- What is the key to humanity’s role in healing the planet?
- What changes might we anticipate through the fallout of Covid-19 that will transform the very fabric of society, well beyond “normality” returning with a vaccine becoming available?
- What are beneficial things we can do as individuals to make the most of this reality shift with which we are being presented at this time?
- What is Michael’s read on the rest of the year ahead?
- Did you know that the magnetic poles of our planet flip periodically? What?!

Dolphins swimming in bioluminescent waves video.

Talking Heads song referenced in this episode is “Flowers.”