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Dec 6, 2020

It was a delight to connect with Mara Lindbergh, craniosacral therapist with a speciality in pediatrics in Bainbridge, WA. Mara is an intuitive healer who is adept at balancing energy. We discuss her journey into providing energetic bodywork and support to facilitate healing, particularly with babies. We also explore topics such as the following.

- What is the breath of life, and how is it used to assist to shift a person into healing?
- The fusion of intuition and physiological knowledge to bring wholeness.
- How do practitioners working on healing newborns know what movement is needed?
- What are implications of interventions which don’t honor the natural initiation of childbirth?
- Are there things parents can do to help new babies adjust to their new body and environment?
- Is there value in pain - childbirth pain and otherwise?

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