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Jan 1, 2021

We ring in 2021 with a gusto, as the two powerhouses which are Cherie Mason and Michael Massey come together in this beautiful episode! Cherie appeared in episode 65 (season 3, episode 12 for Apple users) where she tells of her dramatic self-healing after a serious car accident and takes us through how her energetic healing gifts began to reveal themselves. That episode (in addition to this one) contains an energetic transmission to be received by the listener.

- Cherie receives an energy transmission to bless the listeners as she begins speaking.
- Cherie and Michael share about a truly remarkable trip they took to Mt. Shasta.
- We discuss the importance of fun and not taking things too seriously on one’s life journey.
- Cherie and Michael discuss their most recent time together, which culminated in a multi-dimensional healing for Michael.