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Jan 13, 2021

We go pretty deeply into some esoteric concepts like timelines and reality constructs in this episode. Some topics you will hear in this episode are not common knowledge, and they may stretch your understanding of the workings of the universe. It may be one you'll want to listen to more than once to give things the opportunity to settle in a bit at a time. And remember that even if there are things you aren't sure you really understand intellectually, the subtle layers of your energy systems will still benefit.

- How did December present for Michael, with the influx of energy and opening of stargates?
- What purpose is served when we experience shake ups in our lives?
- What is a timeline collapse? We talk about one we experienced around the solstice.
- What is the Mandela effect?
- What is the Reality Wars episode?
- What is the difference between Truth and belief? How do larger narratives play into beliefs and Truth? How do we reconcile the gap between Truth and belief, when we just don’t know what is true?