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Jan 24, 2021

This episode was a blast to record! David is amazing, and the synchronicities which presented while we were recording blew me away. The wisdom and light which radiates from him is undeniable. And he lets it go by without a mention, but I am pretty sure that when we discuss Thoth he is channeling. There is a definite switch in energy during that time - see if you can tune into it.

David Lion is a mystic, seer, channeler, hypnotist, magician, mentalist, and speaker. His aim is to assist others in awakening their spiritual gifts and intuition in practical ways. In this episode we discuss many fascinating topics.

- His spiritual gifts presented very young. He talks about the challenges clairvoyance/clairsentience presented as he was growing up, and how this lead to him essentially shutting them down over time.
- Meeting his mentor and how that relationship helped him heal and open himself up to (re)discover and embody his spiritual gifts.
- He shares a mystical experience from meditation which presented to him a deeper, magical, multidimensional aspect of himself which awakened mastery from previous incarnations instantaneously.
- Magic as the nature of existence, and as a tool to connecting with higher consciousness.
- He discusses what it means to be an extension of the oversoul energy of Thoth, and how he came to understand this as an aspect of himself.
- His connection to Arcturus, and some of the wisdom he has received from Arcturians.
- What does it mean to be spiritual, and how can we more completely marry our spiritual and non-spiritual aspects of life?

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