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Feb 2, 2021

WHAT AN EPISODE! This episode starts with a bang, when we experience extraordinary technical interference within the first few minutes of recording. Honestly, you don't want to miss what happens to my voice - it is at once hilarious and completely mysterious. If you are new to the world of galactics, you may be interested to know that interference through technology can be a form of connection. We don't even touch on that in this discussion because I had no idea anything was amiss with the technology until I went to edit the episode a few days later! (And the strange audio only lasts for a minute or so, then the rest of the episode is undisturbed.) What else can you look forward to in this episode?

- Suggested documentaries: Unacknowledged and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.
- Michael shares his first encounter with a UFO(s).
- What are the two main things to do to invoke a UFO sighting?
- Mystery school teachings of humans having star families.
- Do we receive messages from star families through pop culture?
- If you have questions you want us to explore contact me at
- Why is there traditionally so much ET activity at nuclear sites?
- The energetics of telepathy.

Hubble deep field image: