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Feb 11, 2021

What a blessing to connect with Wendy Oke, niece-in-law of Alma Rumball. Alma was the vehicle behind hundreds of incredible, intricate, prolific drawings. She insisted that "the hand" moved on its own, guided by an invisible force which flowed through her and filled the pages without her intellectual or creative influence. The spiritual advisor to the Dalai Lama identified many of the figures in her drawings as Tibetan dieties, the existence of which this reclusive woman in a tiny town in Ontario had no knowledge. In this fascinating episode we discuss many topics:

- After a profound vision of Christ, Alma began doing automatic, spiritual, inspirational drawings, her hand moving on its own.
- Activations through the drawings, “The Sacred Language of Light.”
- The drawings and writings in relation to “the new age of light” and Atlantis.
- Tibetan deities in the drawings as identified by the Dalai Lama’s spiritual advisor, Kalu Rinpoche.
- The conflict Alma experienced as the drawings and writings conflicted with her religious beliefs.
- Alma was drawing Wendy’s picture decades before they ever met. She explains the prophecy of her being the one to show the drawings to the world.
- Wendy shares mystical stories of where the drawings have led her all over the world, from Glastonbury to Italy to Australia to Mt. Shasta.
- From a practical standpoint, how can the drawings be used to expand consciousness?

The Alma Drawings documentary: