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Mar 26, 2020

Casey Wright is the creator and CEO of NinjaZone, a children's sports program combining gymnastics, obstacle training, and freestyle movement to cultivate discipline, focused energy, and skill. She was named the Small Business Person of the Year in Indiana for 2019 as well as the Indianapolis Business Journal's Forty Under Forty in 2018.

Casey joins us on The Meditation Conversation to discuss the power of meditation to uncover latent creativity which can lead to very practical and successful applications in the business world. We begin with her journey from taking over her family's gym to creating a new expanded program to appeal more to boys. She talks about how the stress and pressure of her sudden success forced her into cultivating an inward connection via a retreat focused on happiness. Through that experience she had a feeling of great expanded love which lasted for 2-3 days. She ultimately formed her own personal meditation practice which began out of necessity for stress management and transformed into something much deeper, allowing her to tap into a well of intuition.

Casey talks about how she has learned she needs to shift her personal and business goals to revolve around that centeredness within, and that everything flows richly and organically from that point. She discusses the balance of modeling self-improvement behaviors such as meditation versus requiring them out of her team (and her own children). She also talks a bit about the Enneagram system and how she has used it to better understand herself and enhance her relationships.